Beyond TITO: The Evolving Kiosk Value Equation

Coin and ticket redemption kiosks have been in Gaming since the 1990s, helping the industry to meaningfully reduce the cost and time burden associated with slot token redemption. Yet as these devices near ubiquity, and consumers become increasingly aware of and comfortable with self-service, the value derived hasn’t kept pace. Gaming Entertainment organizations can and should be getting more from their kiosk investments.

Kiosks today have the technological capacity to support the profit side of the house by creating frictionless guest experiences, enabling truly-liquid guests, leaving more floor space for revenue-producing slots and table games, and supporting revenue generation across the property / all properties. These benefits, paired with further optimization of operating costs, will enable a substantial long-term ROI for Gaming Entertainment organizations.

Ready to Evolve?

Macro-forces are Increasing Consumer Expectations

Rapid technological change accompanied by rapidly evolving consumer expectations are driving a sea change in how commerce is conducted.

  • Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with self-service
  • The way we store, move and spend money is changing
  • We desire a more connected experience

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