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B2C Successes: Global Payments Offers Additional Value for VIP Preferred Members

by Global Payments Gaming Team / June 28, 2022

Despite all the recent coverage, cashless gaming is an astonishingly new phenomenon. Just a few years ago, the idea of playing at a casino without using cash was unthinkable. Now, it is the gold standard. This development has revolutionized payments in the gaming industry and dramatically affected the user experience. Global Payments Gaming Solutions has led the way in cashless gaming, providing solutions that increase efficiency and deliver a modern gaming experience.

VIP Preferred® is Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ industry-standard e-check and ACH network and serves as the foundation for our current innovations. VIP Preferred connects directly to patrons’ checking accounts, creating the cashless gaming experience that many patrons now prefer. VIP Preferred connects its three million members to more than 400 brick-and-mortar and online gaming institutions.

Global Payments Gaming Solutions is also committed to maintaining meaningful engagement with its members. Global Payments communicates with 1.3 million VIP Preferred members on a regular basis and receives about 50% engagement. Along with this general outreach, Global Payments offers additional value for VIP Preferred members with the Member Rewards Center. The Member Rewards Center is a digital nurturing and engagement program designed to create an added benefit for VIP Preferred members. The Member Rewards Center combines email communication and an interactive online experience, which allows members to access information about VIP Preferred and determine where they can use their account. Members can also “Invite-a-Friend” to sign up for VIP Preferred for bonus rewards.

VIP Preferred enables the entire cashless gaming experience. The ability to access funds quickly and easily defines the cashless payments experience. Global Payments Gaming Solutions is leading the way in cashless gaming and represents the method favored by patrons. Whether online or in person, casino patrons vastly prefer using Global Payments’ cashless solutions.

Click here to learn more about how Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ suite of solutions creates a modern, enjoyable payments experience for patrons.

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