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Crane Payment Innovations and Global Payments Gaming Solutions Collaborate to Deliver On-Premise Mobile Funding

by Global Payments Gaming Team / March 27, 2019

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) (Indian Gaming Booth #1134) and Global Payments Gaming Solutions (GPGS) (Indian Gaming Booth #1507) are collaborating to increase consumer options for mobile funding and play in physical gaming.

Consumers demand mobility at the center of every experience. 85 percent of U.S. consumers – including 74 percent of U.S. consumers aged 55 or older -- own a smartphone. And most use it every day for shopping, entertainment and more.


Despite the obvious benefits of increasing non-cash funding options in land-based casinos (increased funds in play, operational & cost efficiencies, reduced fraud, reduced AML exposure), the industry has made little progress toward a digital experience. This gap is largely attributed to hesitation from regulators and casinos to disrupt the existing processes and system architectures that have existed in the industry for decades.

Through their collaboration, GPGS and CPI have developed a method of delivering mobile funding and play that works WITH these established norms.

VIP Mobility™, developed by GPGS, is a mobile ledger application that enables patrons to easily fund slot and table play through a number of funding sources. The easy-to-use app maximizes patron convenience and puts more money in play.

EASITRAX CONNECT™, developed by CPI, is a unique hardware/software platform that combines the power of SC Advance banknote validators with a Universal Connectivity Box (UCB) to provide operators with real-time device and machine performance insights, live player behavior analytics, and even a wider range of payment options at the game.

Working together, EASITRAX CONNECT and VIP Mobility enable patrons to easily and securely fund slot machines to maximize convenience and increase dollars to the floor.

“Today’s consumers carry more ways to pay than ever before and, in other industries such as vending and retail, we have consistently observed that an operator’s overall revenue is highest when a machine has both cash and digital acceptance technology installed,” said Eric Fisher, CPI President of Gaming. “We therefore see mobile payments alongside cash acceptance as a complete payment solution that will support and delight all land-based gaming demographics.”

“Consumer preference for mobile solutions that enhance their experience is reshaping numerous industries around the world and gaming entertainment leaders must adjust in order to capture the long-term attention and loyalty of their patrons,” said Christopher Justice, President of Gaming Solutions for Global Payments. “By leveraging the scale, reliability and knowledge of Global Payments and CPI, we are delivering a solution that consumers will love and gaming institutions can confidently implement, knowing that the level of disruption is minimal, especially compared to other solutions in the market.”


Visit Global Payments at booth #1507 or CPI at booth #1134 for a live demo. Schedule your demo today for a chance to win one of several great prizes.


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