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Global Payments Gaming Solutions Offers Products with Seamless Integration

by Global Payments Gaming Team / May 20, 2022

Casino operators consider a multitude of factors when choosing which solutions to implement. Factors like cost and necessity are both salient concerns, but gaming leaders must also think over how those solutions will integrate into their existing systems. Casino operators may find a solution that fits their needs at an agreeable price, but if that solution is too disruptive and would require further restructuring, they will likely continue searching. Ideally, solutions would be both effective and easy to implement. Global Payments Gaming Solutions offers products that create a simple, straightforward payments experience with seamless implementation.

Global Payments’ VIP Mobility™, the industry’s first mobile solution enabling true cashless gaming, delivers a modern payment experience that doesn’t disrupt existing systems. VIP Mobility allows patrons to make transactions on their mobile devices, which gives patrons more payment options and saves on operating costs. VIP Mobility also utilizes Global Payments’ industry-standard e-check network, VIP Preferred® to connect patrons’ wagering accounts directly to their bank accounts with bank-grade security. With a one-time sign up, VIP preferred connects patrons to more than 400 online and in-person gaming institutions.

Global Payments also offers solutions for patrons who still prefer to play with cash. Global Payments’ VIP Financial Center™ is a comprehensive self-service kiosk solution that enhances the gaming experience and increases revenue. VIP Financial Center features robust faculties, such as self-service TITO redemption, bill breaking, VIP Preferred e-check, ATM and cash advance capabilities. VIP Financial Center helps cut down on time waiting in line and increases revenue.

Casino operators prefer easy-to-use solutions because they both save money and allow operators to focus on other aspects of the gaming experience. With Global Payments Gaming Solutions, gaming leaders can provide a top-of-the-line gaming experience and spend their time enhancing the patron’s experience.

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