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Global Payments Suite of Gaming Solutions Enables Faster Payments Through VIP Preferred Ecosystem

by Global Payments Gaming Team / December 13, 2022

Today’s payment processing systems are characterized by their sophistication and their interconnectivity. There is virtually no payment product on the market that is not in some way connected to a larger network, most often through cloud integration or on-site servers. Even the lowly cash register at your local convenience store is connected to a vast array of systems and services that keep track of inventory, cash flow and even employee information. In today’s world, it is not enough to have one great product. They must be able to both interact with other products and make their services stronger than before.

VIP Preferred® is Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ industry-standard e-check network that is designed to connect directly to patrons’ checking accounts for an innovative cashless gaming experience. However, VIP Preferred does not only make e-check payments fast and easy, VIP Preferred also significantly improves gaming for patrons by providing the option to enter bank information manually or to use online banking credentials, which allows for fast and easy online enrollment. After one enrollment, patrons can connect to more than 400 land-based and online gaming institutions across the U.S. to increase speed, eliminate manual entry mishaps and emphasize safety and security. The VIP Preferred ecosystem of solutions includes the VIP Financial Center™, VIP Mobility™ and VIP Shield.

For patrons that prefer to play with cash when visiting casinos, the VIP Financial Center™ is Global Payments Gaming Solutions comprehensive kiosk solution. The VIP Financial Center is a full-service solution located right on the casino floor that provides convenient self-service TITO ticket redemption, bill breaking, e-check, ATM and cash advance capabilities to casino guests. The VIP Financial Center also enables many of Global Payments’ other solutions like its cashless solution, VIP Mobility™.

VIP Mobility allows for a better gaming experience by enabling patrons to utilize their mobile phones to fund their play and complete all transactions on their mobile devices, which leverages a digital approach that emphasizes speed and convenience. VIP Mobility also utilizes the Global Payments industry-standard e-check network, to directly connect a patron’s wagering account to their bank account.

VIP Shield is Global Payments’ all-in-one Title 31 compliance solution that covers all aspects of AML compliance. VIP Shield automates reporting, which helps to avoid mistakes and reduce risk. This way, casino operators can rest assured that their AML compliance is taken care of and focus their efforts on the patron experience.

VIP Preferred is backed by bank-grade security to ensure all transactions are done quickly while keeping patrons’ information safe. With this ecosystem of solutions, casinos can seamlessly integrate into existing systems and support transferring of funds back and forth between mobile devices, financial institutions and the casino floor or online sportsbook.     

Click here to learn more about how Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ VIP Preferred ecosystem optimizes the guest experience by creating a fast and simple payment solution.

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