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Hey Patrons, Ditch the Long Lines and Opt for Mobile Funding

by Global Payments Gaming Team / May 13, 2021

For an experienced casino guest, nothing beats the feeling of walking into a casino and preparing to game on their favorite tables or slot machines. Excitement usually builds as they walk toward the cage to fund their gaming. Often times, this excitement is dampened by persistent lines at the cage. These lines, caused by inefficient and outdated processes, transform patrons’ feelings of excitement into those of frustration.

This situation leads to the exact opposite of a quality guest experience. Casino operators who are plagued with long lines make it difficult, if not impossible, to create environments where staff are able to connect and build relationships with their guests. This then leads to a decrease in guest loyalty - ultimately pushing the guest to another casino. However, technology can help.

Ensuring the appropriate gaming solutions are in place reduces the friction between guest and gaming. Take Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ VIP Financial Center for example. VIP Financial Center is a full-service solution that provides convenient self-service TITO, bill breaking, e-check, ATM and cash advance capabilities to casino guests. It is designed to provide operators with robust service capability, high dependability, easy serviceability and enhanced security, all in a slim profile design that creates more room for revenue-producing slot machines and table games. VIP Financial Center also enables tighter AML controls, creating numerous additional checks and balances to mitigate the potential for fraudulent behavior, and responsible gaming measures are also enhanced, including configurable spending limits, “pre-set cooling” off periods and self-exclusion.

Our Global Payments’ VIP Preferred® is the only solution of its kind to provide the fastest and easiest way for patrons to access cash at more than 500 gaming establishments. With more than 3.5 million patrons currently using VIP Preferred, it is the premier way for patrons to enroll and game in a new, digital, innovative manner. Once enrolled, patrons just need to present their ID to a casino cashier and obtain their cash. It is quick, easy and hassle-free.

Employing the appropriate gaming technology in the casino is key to creating a quality guest experience. Operators should also work to fuel the excitement of a guest from the moment they walk into the casino, to the moment they leave. The appropriate technology can also lead to guest loyalty. In areas with multiple casinos, ensuring the guest feels as though their needs are taken care of and they know a familiar face or two in the casino will keep them coming back.

To learn more about how Global Payments Gaming Solutions helps casinos foster a better guest experience, click here.

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