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How Cashless Gaming Technology Supports Responsible Gaming

by Global Payments Gaming Team / August 7, 2020

According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), 77% of casual casino visitors (gambled less than 9 times in the last year) and 88% of avid casino visitors (gambled 10+ times in the last year) reported an awareness of available responsible gaming resources. 

While most guests practice responsible gaming habits, it is also the duty of the casino to equip patrons with resources that help minimize potentially harmful or excessive gambling activity. These resources can include, but are not limited to, enforcing the casino industry code of conduct, options for players to set time or money limits on machines, voluntary exclusion, brochures that provide the odds for casino games and a toll-free help line.

With Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ VIP Financial Center, casinos can ensure a safer, more secure and responsible gaming experience for patrons. The high-performance solution leverages the latest technology to provide enhanced responsible gaming measures, including configurable spending limits, preset “cooling off” periods, self-exclusion and more. These benefits can extend to the player’s mobile device through VIP Mobility, the industry’s first mobile solution enabling true cashless casino gaming from funding through cash-out. Patrons can responsibly enjoy the freedom of digital ticketing, easily pair mobile devices to any slot or table game, reload funds from their phone, and retrieve winnings once playing is complete.

The suite of full-service solutions offers additional layers of consumer protection while fitting within existing gaming regulations and operating under the casino’s existing technology infrastructure. Delivering a single source for self-service ticket redemption, cash access and cashless gaming capabilities, Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ VIP Financial Center and VIP Mobility are designed to successfully enhance the player experience and encourage responsible gaming.

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