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Keeping Your Cashless Gaming Systems Simple to Maximize Patron Satisfaction

by Global Payments Gaming Team / November 12, 2021

A casino operator’s most important goal is to create an engaging gaming experience for patrons. Casino operators constantly try new approaches to improve engagement and encourage patrons to return. Implementing innovative technology is an effective way to enhance the patron experience, but only when done seamlessly.

Ideally, technology should streamline internal operations, empowering operators to focus on the needs of their patrons. However, when operators introduce too many technologies simultaneously, or if different systems do not work well together, it can create a frustrating experience for casino guests. As an industry leader, Global Payments Gaming Solutions is helping operators deliver a seamless gaming experience to patrons through the availability of VIP Mobility™.

Global Payments’ VIP Mobility is the industry’s first mobile solution enabling true cashless gaming from funding all the way through cash-out. By embracing system-agnostic solutions, like VIP Mobility, casinos can tap the flexibility needed to offer digital alternatives to traditional forms of wagering. VIP Mobility harnesses the convenience, flexibility, and ease of Global Payments’ groundbreaking VIP Preferred® eCheck network plus functions like  eCheck cashing and Choice 4™ deferred settlement, allowing patrons to transfer funds from their VIP Preferred balance to their favorite game with the touch of a screen. With VIP Mobility, guests can create digital TITO tickets on their mobile device by scanning an existing voucher or using their VIP preferred eCheck account. Additionally, guests can pair their mobile device to any slot or table game by scanning a QR code.

VIP Mobility is part of our vertically integrated suite of solutions to equip operators with the latest technology to deliver a seamless gaming experience at the cage, on the casino floor and online. More than 3 million patrons rely on Global Payments for simple, safe and responsible play.

For more insight into cashless gaming, check out this article about us in Global Gaming Business Magazine or click here to learn more about how Global Payments Gaming can improve your guest experience.

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