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Nevada Casino Revenue Continues to Break Records

by Global Payments Gaming Team / August 24, 2022

Gaming has been a preferred use of entertainment funds in the United States which has driven the gaming industry to see continual growth. According to the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) Commercial Gaming Revenue Tracker, Nevada saw the best gaming revenue quarter in U.S. history in Q2 of 2022, with $3.71 billion generated in commercial gaming revenue. As home to the national capital of casino gaming, Nevada's strong second-quarter reporting indicates a strong resurgence of in-person gaming.

As the commercial gaming industry continues to grow, Global Payments Gaming Solutions offers products that streamline the gaming experience for all patrons nationwide and especially in Nevada. AGA also reported that in June, Nevada reached $1.28 billion in gaming revenue, resulting in Nevada’s sixteenth month straight of more than $1 billion in gaming revenue. Additionally, commercial gaming revenues nationwide are seeing their highest-grossing quarter in June. Catering to patrons’ gaming needs while also prioritizing a responsible and safe gaming environment, Global Payments Gaming Solutions provides patrons with high-quality service for a simple and convenient experience from funding through cash-out.

For easy and efficient ways to fund play, Global Payments Gaming Solutions offers VIP Mobility™ as the gaming industry’s mobile solution for cashless gaming. VIP Mobility enables patrons to scan an existing voucher or to utilize their VIP Preferred e-check account to create digital TITO tickets on their mobile device. With just the scan of a QR code, patrons’ mobile devices are instantly paired to the desired slot or table game to easily reload or retrieve funds from their phones. VIP Mobility is the solution for safe, secure and responsible gaming that leverages digital technology to make frictionless payments.

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