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New Regulations Pave the Way for Cashless Gaming

by Global Payments Gaming Team / July 1, 2020

Casinos have reopened in an environment that challenges the traditional method of gaming. Casinos have implemented processes to maintain social distancing and foster safe gaming environments, but areas such as The Cage remain high touch. This past month, the industry witnessed the American Gaming Association release its recommended guidelines for moderating the payment infrastructure in gaming, and the Nevada Gaming Commission announce new regulations to allow cashless wagering on the casino floor. While this change may be a result of the pandemic, it is certainly paving the way to modernizing payments in the gaming industry.

The conversation around modernizing the payments infrastructure is not new. Global Payments Gaming Solutions has invested the time and resources in developing technology to address this need. Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ VIP Mobility leads the industry as the first mobile solution, enabling true cashless casino gaming to provide a seamless player experience from funding through cash-out. Guests can quickly create their own digital TITO tickets on their mobile devices, easily pair their device to any slot or table game, reload from their phone and retrieve their funds once playing is complete. All of which better enabling the casino to carry-out the social distancing policies in place and maintain a safe gaming environment.

For more information, check out our Cashless Gaming solutions or visit our Resource Center.

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