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Reopening Responsibly: Is Your Casino Ready?

by Global Payments Gaming Team / April 8, 2021

Casinos nationwide are preparing to reopen at full capacity as the COVID-19 vaccination becomes available to the wider public. According to the American Gaming Association, 93.3% of U.S. casinos are now open, which is the highest rate since the global pandemic caused brick-and-mortar casinos to close.

Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital alternatives to brick-and-mortar casino experiences were widely considered an opportunity to meet consumers’ evolving payment preferences. However, the impacts of the global pandemic have reignited the conversation about the need for contactless, mobile-driven funding options to keep patrons and casino staff members safe on the floor. 

A recent PaymentsJournal story, “Contactless and COVID-19,” states that since COVID-19 started, 30% of consumers began using contactless payment methods. Out of these recent adopters, 70% report that they will continue to use this digital payment method after the pandemic subsides.

As an industry leader, Global Payments Gaming Solutions has made great strides in developing technology to advance cashless gaming options. In 2020, Global Payments kicked off its partnership with the UNLV International Gaming Institute to analyze the industry’s transition toward cashless wagering. Through this research, Global Payments leverages its existing technology within VIP Financial Center to advance cashless gaming.

With Global Payments’ VIP Financial Center, patrons can adhere to social distancing guidelines while on the floor. The center’s slim profile design and small footprint allows casino operators to strategically place multiple devices throughout the casino floor – supporting social distancing and increasing convenience for guests without sacrificing valuable floor space.

VIP Financial Center provides convenient self-service TITO ticket redemption, bill breaking, e-check, ATM, and cash advance capabilities to casino guests. The high-performance solution equips casino operators with robust service capability, high dependability, easy serviceability, and enhanced security.

Our VIP Financial Center is just one part of a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to create amazing consumer experiences and maximize spending across our customers’ physical and digital properties by centralizing safe, secure and trusted cash access at the cage, on the casino floor, or online.

To learn more, check out our online gaming solutions or resource center.

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