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Three Key Considerations Before You Reopen Your Casino

by Global Payments Gaming Team / May 6, 2020

Casino operators are beginning the process of casino reopening and working to understand how to move forward in the COVID-19 era. There are numerous questions pertaining to the casino reopening environment; how quickly will guest return to the casino? What needs to be done to reassure guests safety? What will the gaming experience resemble in a socially distanced world? Most of these questions will not be answered until reopening is well underway, however planning for these reopenings must start now with the goal of assuring a safe, quality and fun gaming experience. The good news for our customers is that we are on hand to assist them in exploring solutions for these considerations. Today, we are fielding customer inquiries largely focused on how to plan for reopening, what is needed to bring technology back online, and how to best accommodate social distancing guidelines in the casino.  

Where to Begin 

We can face the fact: there are a lot of factors at play when working to reopen the casino. Operators are challenged to understand fluid shelter-in-place and social distancing orders, which have frequently given little notice to businesses outside of gaming when it is time to reopen. Our customers should rest assured our team is keeping track of each jurisdictions guidance regarding reopening and will continue to maintain the most up-to-date information. Additionally, casino operators are faced with determining what areas of the casino should come online first. This takes into account staffing, technology and more just to develop a framework on how to move forward. Our team has proactively developed best practices for casinos to evaluate through our work with those casinos in the earliest reopening jurisdictions.  With our help, casino operators better understand where time should be allocated to reopening and what will be needed in order to achieve the desired results. Regardless of when the jurisdiction is reopening, our team aims to ensure the casino has a plan in place to move forward.  

Bringing Technology Back Online 

After initial planning, attention will need to turn to the Cage, ATM and kiosks. Bringing these technologies online requires more than a flip of a switch. There are connectivity issues that are tied to the network and or the back of house equipment. Also, operators must remember to review logins and passwords, which is even more important as many furloughed employees will need to have their credentials and password set back up in the system. Our team will work collaboratively with solution providers in advance of reopening. We want to ensure each processes and procedures relative to bringing the solutions back online is correctly performed. Like us, each solution provider may have best practices for their integration necessitating the need for Global Payments, the casino and the provider to work together.  

Creating a Safe Gaming Environment 

Operators are considering measures reducing the capacity of the tables, requiring guest to sit further apart, and aggressive disinfecting machines throughout the casino.  We believe these are the best practices to ensure a safe gaming environment. There will be guests that response well to these measures and – unfortunately – there will be those who are more hesitate. However, reaffirming the safety and sanitation practices in casinos, especially those close to reopening, will be critical in the success of the industry in ensuring positive reopening process. Our team continues to evaluate the COVID-19 situation and create best practices based on the most up-to-date recommendations from public health and federal and jurisdictional authorities.  

Our goal to mitigate the concerns and issues casino operators may face during reopening. Our job is to serve as the trusted partner to assist. We have access to the appropriate contacts aligned by function within the each of our customer’s organization, making sure they understand we are available in the event we need to address something above and beyond the standard reopening checklist. For us, this is what being a good partner entails, and we want to ensure everyone is ready to bring our industry back on board.  

For more casino reopening and COVID-19 response information, check-out our COVID-19 Resource Center.

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