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Top 5 Global Payments Gaming Blogs of 2021

by Global Payments Gaming Team / December 29, 2021

The New Year is a time of celebration and a time of reflection. The end of the year represents a break in normal day-to-day operations and offers an opportunity for people and organizations to look back on the past and plan for the future. The gaming industry experienced a record-breaking year in 2021. To celebrate the role Global Payments Gaming played in this growth, let’s take a look back at our most popular blogs of 2021. These blogs provide lessons and insights into the major trends and changes the gaming industry saw in 2021.

Let’s ring in 2022 with Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ top five blogs of 2021.

Nevada Gaming Commission Approves Global Payments Gaming Solutions Regulation Change – August 27, 2021

Earlier this year, the Nevada Gaming Commission passed regulation 5.225, which requires new cashless wagering services to create a wagering account for patrons. These changes would negatively affect the customer experience and stifle the adoption of cashless gaming solutions across the country. Global Payments successfully appealed for an exemption from this regulation, ensuring that cashless payments would continue to define the gaming industry.

“Regulation changes rarely take place with the Nevada Gaming Commission and while that is news within itself, the regulation change speaks to the forward thinking and quality of the Global Payments Gaming Solutions innovations.”

Global Payments Paves the Way for Payments Modernization with Two Red Ribbon Patents – August 12, 2021

Global Payments Gaming Solutions secured Red Ribbon Patents for VIP Mobility™ and VIP Financial Center™. With these patents, Global Payments can protect its ground-breaking technology from duplication and sale without Global Payments’ consent. Global Payments can continue to innovate and redefine the gaming industry.

“Global Payments will continue to invest time and resources in developing technology to improve the industry’s cashless, contactless gaming options. As those developments become viable, actionable applications, this will lead Global Payments to file more patents to protect its newly developed properties.”

Industry Outlook: 2021 Gaming Predictions – January 12, 2021

The new year is a chance to look forward, and this past year was no exception. In January, Global Payments Gaming Solutions took a step back and made some predictions for the coming year. Chiefly, Global Payments predicted a rise in cashless gaming, an explosion in iGaming and a more welcoming regulatory environment.

“Looking ahead, the digital evolution within the industry is expected to grow the iGaming sector and spark conversations among regulators looking to lead the industry forward.”

Global Payments Sets the Industry Precedent for Cashless Gaming – February 11, 2021

Global Payments Gaming Solutions President Christopher Justice featured on the cover of Casino Life Magazine. That issue’s feature story, “Everybody’s a VIP,” explores how Global Payments’ products create an exciting customer experience. Global Payments’ cashless solutions allow patrons to get the full casino experience, even as pandemic regulations make a typical casino experience impossible.

“As cash continues to lose its luster, casino operators should strive to implement contactless and mobile solutions that create an engaging experience for patrons.”

Hey Patrons, Ditch the Long Lines and Opt for Mobile Funding – May 13, 2021

Global Payments examines how waiting in line at the cage can dampen a patron’s experience and which solutions can resolve this problem. Global Payments’ products like VIP Mobility eliminate the need for physical cash and cut down on time spent in line.

“Employing the appropriate gaming technology in the casino is key to creating a quality guest experience. Operators should also work to fuel the excitement of a guest from the moment they walk into the casino, to the moment they leave… In areas with multiple casinos, ensuring the guest feels as though their needs are taken care of and they know a familiar face or two in the casino will keep them coming back.”

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