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Will Reopened Casinos Operate Cashless? Yes, But Not Exclusively.

by Global Payments Gaming Team / May 21, 2020

As casinos nationwide are diligently preparing to reopen to guests, it begs the question: Will gaming within the “New Normal” now occur in a fully cashless environment? Even before COVID-19, we were seeing an increase in implementations of contactless and mobile solutions both on the gaming floor and across the resort. The events of the last couple months have simply accelerated the adoption of these technologies.

A recent PaymentsJournal story states that “30% of consumers have started using contactless payment methods since COVID-19 started. Furthermore, 70% of those who are new to contactless payments report that they will continue to use this payment method after the pandemic has died down.”

The reality is that some consumers are superstitious when it comes to gaming with numerous psychological factors that often determine if and when a player places a bet, pushes a button on a specific machine, or takes a card.  The act of playing with cash may be one of those determining factors, and as a result, we probably should not expect cash to go away completely. But just as restaurants and retailers are doing, casino operators will need to make some operational and floorplan changes to ensure proper social distancing occurs.

The most obvious strategies include reducing the capacity of the tables, requiring guests to sit further apart, potentially staggering the operation of individual machines, and aggressively, regularly disinfecting machines throughout the casino. Headed into a number of re-openings over the Memorial Day weekend, we have been working very closely with our customers to create best practices based on the most up-to-date recommendations from public health and federal and jurisdictional authorities. To help facilitate the process, we have developed a set of COVID-19 Resources for casinos that can be found on our website.

For casinos to successfully execute their re-opening strategies, they will need to implement a hybrid approach of these physical changes on the floor paired with more cashless gaming capabilities. Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ VIP Mobility will play a key role in achieving this as it provides a seamless, digital experience from funding through cash-out and leverages existing casino systems and infrastructure to enable guests to easily fund the casino from their personal account, play slots and tables using digital TITO vouchers, and cash out in several self-service ways to create a contactless commerce environment that supports proper social distancing.

Beyond this phase of re-opening and social distancing, we see mobile solutions playing a larger role in gaming in the future. In addition to a more convenient, enjoyable gaming experience, it provides guests with the tools to better budget and control their spending that is more consistent with how they manage their finances in every other aspect of their lives.

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