A complete solution for cage and finance managers.

Global Payments Gaming Solutions delivers complete solutions to the cage at more than 450 North American gaming locations.  Accessible through our VIP LightSpeed® platform, our cage solutions set the industry standard for speed, simplicity and security.

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Global Payments Gaming casino credit and debit card cash advance

The only single source cash advance solution

Enable your guests to quickly and easily access cash using nearly any debit or credit card.

Global Payments Gaming casino e-check

The highest e-check limits

Enable your VIPs to access more cash with the highest limits. The solution of choice for millions of casino guests, accepted at more than 450 locations.

Global Payments Gaming casino ATM

Bank-grade ATM availability

Ensure easy, self-service cash access with bank-grade reliability and multiple processing options. Our solution sets the industry uptime standard.

Global Payments Gaming Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance

Real-time performance

Monitor the performance of your cash advance, e-check and ATM services across all of your properties. Robust and real-time, our reporting helps you measure cage performance, promotion effectiveness, fee changes and more.

Global Payments Gaming BusinessView casino reporting and analytics

Turnkey compliance assistance

Don’t let manual processes or second-rate compliance solutions put your business at risk. Leverage our automated solution assistance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance.