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Cashless Gaming Live with VIP Mobility at Downstream Casino

Using Globaly Payments


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Solutions for Casinos to Encourage Social Distancing


VIP Mobility enables guests to create digital TITO tickets on their mobile device by scanning an existing voucher or using their VIP Preferred e-check account.


Our all-in-one kiosks offer cage, finance and gaming managers a secure and reliable self-service platform for easy cash access and cross-selling across the property. 

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Serve your guests wherever they choose to play.

Online casino, e-sports, and digital lottery are just a few of the emerging ways that the gaming experience is being extended online. We offer solutions for every emerging vertical.

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Helpful Tips to Maintain Safety and Security During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we remain committed to the health, safety and business continuity of our customers. As part of that commitment, it's important that we share best practices to help protect your business and your customers during this vulnerable time. 

Staying Secure

As the Coronavirus has impacted how consumers participate in commerce, many casinos are shifting their day-to-day credit card processing methods. It's important for you to understand the vulnerabilities associated with these card-not-present transaction types.

A good first step is to complete all critical patches and updates in a timely fashion to thwart cybercriminals who are seeking to take advantage amid the pandemic.

Additionally, with phishing attacks on the rise, criminals are using the COVID-19 pandemic as their subject matter to get your attention. One known attack method is through an email that appears to be from the Health Department that claims to have legitimate information regarding the pandemic. These emails can infect your systems with malware that could compromise your business and credit card data, so it's prudent to be increasingly cautious if and when these emails arrive in your inbox.

Security Resources 

from the
Standards Council


Review your remote Security Policies and Procedures and ensure all measures are taken, including any change in how you are handling credit card data during this pandemic.


Ensure you have strong passwords and limit access to credit card environments to critical personnel only.


Review phishing attacks with all of your employees and stress that they use good judgement and report any suspicious activity immediately.

Reopening Resources

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Download Cash & ATM   Management Guide
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Additional Resources 

Regarding Reopening 


COVID-19 Casino Tracker Via the American Gaming Association

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