Meet BusinessView

BusinessView, Global Payments’ cloud-based reporting system, enables our clients to view performance across all of their physical and digital gaming properties through a single login at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

BusinessView in the cage

Available through our VIP LightSpeed® platform, BusinessView makes it easy for cage and finance managers to measure the real-time performance of their credit and debit card cash advance, e-check and more. Clients can easily access transaction and trend data in real time and historical data up to 25 months. 

Global Payments BusinessView casino cage reporting and analytics

BusinessView on the floor

LSK BusinessView connects cage operations to the casino floor through our full-service kiosk solutions. Real-time reporting on TITO, bill-breaking, ATM, cash advane and e-check performance further supports decision-making in the cage, and enables optimal device placement on the floor. Additionally, LSK BusinessView provides cage and finance managers with real-time kiosk monitoring and delivers service alerts whenever a potential device failure is detected.

Global Payments BusinessView casino kiosk reporting and analytics

BusinessView online

BusinessView further extends Global Payments' analytics power to our clients' online gaming properties, including mobile casinos, on-premise mobile gaming, eSports and iLottery.