ATM performance you can count on

Fast, easy, and always on. Expecting anything less from your ATMs won’t cut it in a crowded casino. Yet, increased market volatility and regulatory scrutiny are increasing risk in an area you can least afford it. Global Payments Gaming offers a new way to operate your ATMs that provides you with the flexibility, reliability and security necessary to fuel your cash needs.

Multiple networks, higher uptime

Global Payments Gaming Solutions offers multiple ATM providers to meet the needs of our clients’ demanding environments. Clients can change processors at any time business conditions or service quality demands, protecting them if a single ATM provider becomes unreliable. 


ATM at the Kiosk

We offer secure, reliable standalone ATM devices as well as our VIP LightSpeed® kiosk series, which enable you to integrate ATM with self-service ticket redemption, bill breaking, cash advance, e-check and more.  All of our devices are purpose-built for Gaming and feature beautiful design, a slimmer footprint, and superior security and serviceability than any other provider.

We are EMV-capable, and data is encrypted and tokenized, and never passes in the clear. Our ATM and kiosk devices feature enhanced security features such as consumer privacy screens, anti-skimming protection and employee theft prevention features.

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