We leverage our unique capabilities to offer you the best gaming products and services

Our rich history and expertise in Gaming Entertainment enable us to offer a broad portfolio of products and services to help your guests access their cash and help you better understand and incent guest behavior while crafting unique experiences across all of your physical and digital properties.

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The industry’s first single-provider, self-serve kiosk

TITO, bill-breaking, jackpot processing, ATM, cash advance and e-check — all provided and serviced by a single partner. Superior design with a slim footprint, easy serviceability and enhanced security. Learn more about our VIP LightSpeed® Kiosk series.

Global Payments Gaming casino credit and debit card cash advance

The industry’s only single-source cash advance solution

Enable quick and easy cash access using nearly any debit or credit card. The solution of choice for more than 450 North American casino operators. Learn more about PlayerCash @dvantage®.

Global Payments Gaming casino e-check

The industry’s highest e-check limits

Enable your guests to access more cash with the best possible terms. The preferred solution for millions of casino guests, accepted at more than 450 locations. Learn more about VIP Preferred®.

Global Payments Gaming casino ATM

Bank-grade ATM availability

Ensure easy, self-service cash access with bank-grade reliability.  Our solution sets the industry uptime standard. Learn more about our ATM offerings.


Real-time performance

Monitor the performance of your cash advance, e-check and ATM services across all of your properties. Robust and real-time, our reporting helps you measure cage performance, promotion effectiveness, fee changes and more. Learn more about BusinessView.


Layered Security

Protect your guests, your brand and your profitability. Our EMV, encryption and tokenization solutions protect your guest data from cyber-theft while our enhanced kiosk security features protect them on them on the floor. Learn more about our security solutions.