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Pavilion Payments VIP Mobility 2023-05-18 Middleware Release Notes

New VIP Mobility 2023-05-18 Middleware Release Notes - Compatible With All iOS / Android Patron App Versions available online now at:

Release Date Update Pushed To App Stores:

Android: May 5, 2023
iOS: May 5, 2023

New Functionality


US344855: VIP Mobility E-Checks & CH 4 Reporting

US345430: Cashout at Kiosk via App

US300574: MW | Handle Renewed Ticket in History

US351377: MW | Enhanced Telemetry

US348994: MW | Ekata Service Update


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Johnny Moody, Vice President, Client Experience, Pavilion Payments

Johnny Moody, Vice President, Client Experience, Pavilion Payments

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